Greg, like the rest of us, knows the importance of a good, quality vacation. Greg has owned vacation homes for over 15 years. Because of his experience from renting other vacation properties, he knows what it is like to show up at a home and be disappointed. That is who over the years he has purchases five beautiful vacation homes and started Vacation With A View. If you rent through Vacation With A View, you'll never have to pack anything but your clothes and some food. Greg has thought out every last detail to make sure that you get the best and luxurious vacation possible.

Greg has been in the customer service business for over thirty years. He knows the importance of quality and is dedicated to his guests and clients. Greg is also a hard working investment advisor and knows the value of money well spent.

When Greg is not working in the office he enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife and two children. He also likes to fish, ride dirt bikes and fly his small plane.

Dominique has traveled to many fun cities around the world, and especially loves staying at the Vacation With A View homes.  She resides on a little farm in Oregon where she herds her Chihuahua dachshunds and enjoys picking blackberries around the fields.  She enjoys travelling as much as she loves softball and Improv.  A great sense of humor and a caring soul, make Dominique a great asset in helping with luxury vacation planning.       

At Vacation With A View we provide you with all of your vacation needs. With over twenty years in customer service, Dominique will be there every step of the way to answer any and all questions and provide you with a smooth rental experience. She has traveled from the east coast to west and knows what is like to get to a rental home and be disappointed. At Vacation With A View every little detail has been thought over to provide you with the most relaxing, luxurious vacation possible. We look forward to having you!!!!!

​Dominique Millette: Reservation Coodinator

Photo Location: Hawaii


Greg Gaskin: Owner

Photo Location: Calaveras

Vacation WIth A View